Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Daily Portfolio Update

Portfolio update on a daily basis.

BTCUSD @ 57.272,54 (BTCUSD Daily Chart)
Trend: neutral & downtrending; S/D-S/R: 47.073,07-64.859,18 and 8 day EMA/50 day SMA resistance (potential support levels may be found at 100 day SMA, 53.400, 20 week SMA, 42.500 and 200 week SMA); JCS/SS/8EMA: bullish trend channel & bullish f-flag & reversal bearish hanging man 09-05/neutral/-; no bullish trigger signs.

ETHUSD @ 4.327,91 (ETHUSD Daily Chart)
Trend: bullish & uptrending; S/D-S/R: 1546,93-? and 8 day EMA support; JCS/SS/8EMA: bullish trend channel/overbought/+; bullish trigger signs.

SQ @ 220,65 (SQ Daily Chart).
Trend: neutral & downtrending; S/D-S/R: 202,10-278,13 and 8 day EMA resistance; JCS/SS/8EMA: bearish trend channel/neutral/-; no bullish trigger signs.

TSLA @ 617,20 (TSLA Daily Chart).
Trend: neutral & downtrending; S/D-S/R: 591,01-780,79 and 8 day EMA resistance (potential support levels may be found at 200 day SMA and the 350-500 area); JCS/SS/8EMA: bearish trend channel/oversold/-; no bullish trigger signs.

Trend is defined by the position of price vis-a-vis the 8 day EMA and 200 day SMA. Trendiness is defined by position of price vis-a-vis the 8 week EMA.

S/D-S/R abbreviates static and dynamic support/resistance levels.

JCS/SS/8EMA means Japanese candlestick analysis, slow stochastics readings and price vis-a-vis the 8 day EMA respectively. This combination of parameters is especially looking for reversal candles from overbought & oversold conditions followed by a 8 day EMA cross.

EMA and SMA stand for exponential and simple moving average respectively.

I like stocks from innovative and vertically integrated (exponential) growth companies in the fields of 1) production and consumption of sustainable energy; 2) internet finance (incl. cryptocurrencies & defi) - real estate - advertising; 3) genetics and 4) artificial intelligence - machine learning - deep learning-robotics. The innovation needs to be understandable, sympathetic, disruptive and defensible.

My portfolio consists momentarily out of GBTC, SQ, TSLA and a diverse array of cryptocurrencies. The expected holding period for SQ and TSLA is until 2030. For everything related to cryptocurrencies the expected holding period is until Q3/Q4 2021. To existing positions I might add from time to time on a dca or pullback basis.

This is not investment advice. Do your own research. Please also read the disclaimer at the bottom of the blog.