Monday, February 12, 2018


AEX and SPX are in a longterm Bullish Trend Channel. Within this channel some form of correction is developing. Probably of the Intermediate Wave 4 (Elliott Wave Principle) level. The correction will continue but the low could already be in.

CRB and BRENT are in a longterm Bearish Wedge. Both are currently moving down to the wedge's lower boundery.

GOLD is in a longterm Bullish Ascending Triangle. Currently it is moving down to the triangle's lower boundery.

XEU is starting a longterm uptrend.
(The Euro becomes stronger and the US Dollar weaker)

UST is starting a longterm downtrend.
(US Bond prices move lower and corresponding yields higher)

REIT is in the process of starting a longterm downtrend.
(US Real Estate prices are forming a top).

I don't trade or invest according to these views. For that purpose I only use the Trend Trade & Investment Principle which is explained at the bottom of this blog. Please also read the disclaimer there.