Saturday, February 24, 2018


There will be no updates from Saturday the 24th until Monday the 26th of February.

Good luck with trading and investing in the meantime. Be careful out there.

I will start posting again on Tuesday the 27th.

Monday, February 12, 2018


AEX and SPX are in a longterm Bullish Trend Channel. Within this channel some form of correction is developing. Probably of the Intermediate Wave 4 (Elliott Wave Principle) level. The correction will continue but the low could already be in.

CRB and BRENT are in a longterm Bearish Wedge. Both are currently moving down to the wedge's lower boundery.

GOLD is in a longterm Bullish Ascending Triangle. Currently it is moving down to the triangle's lower boundery.

XEU is starting a longterm uptrend.
(The Euro becomes stronger and the US Dollar weaker)

UST is starting a longterm downtrend.
(US Bond prices move lower and corresponding yields higher)

REIT is in the process of starting a longterm downtrend.
(US Real Estate prices are forming a top).

I don't trade or invest according to these views. For that purpose I only use the Trend Trade & Investment Principle which is explained at the bottom of this blog. Please also read the disclaimer there.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Trend Trade & Investment Principle (TTIP)

I have modified the above mentioned principle.

I wasn't happy with the Trend Channel and Bollinger Band as mechanisms to determine if I should make a trade or investment in a trend. Trend Channels are often difficult to draw and prices on a regular basis stay at or beyond the Bollinger Band levels. So I won't use these variables any more.

I will however pay more attention to the larger time frames, the patterns we find there and the corresponding levels of support and resistance to determine if a trade or investment in a trend makes sense.