Friday, July 29, 2016

AEX Daily Update (based on previous business day)

Daily Time Frame Trading
AEX @ 447,82. (AEX Daily Chart).
MTP= +.
TTIP mode (reset only at end of day!)TTIP trade setup terminated near FTar.
Last TTIP trade setup since 11-07-2016 as of 440,75 ended 20-07-2016 as of 452,18 with a profit of 2,59%.
Weekly Time Frame Trading & Investing
AEX @ 447,82. (AEX Weekly Chart).
MTP = +.
TTIP mode (reset only at end of week!).
Last TTIP trade/investment setup since 13-01-2016 as of 418,05 ended 15-01-2016 as of 403,57 with a profit of 3,46%.
Monthly Time Frame Equity Investing
AEX @ 447,82. (AEX Monthly Chart).
MTP = -.
TTIP mode (reset only at end of month!).
Last TTIP trade/investment setup since 05-04-2016 as of 428,85 ended 19-04-2016 as of 451,41 with a loss of 5,26%.

Notes: See "AEX Elliott Wave Musings Updates".

I only trade and invest based on the Trend Trade & Investment Principle. My views on the future as expressed in the notes are not taken into consideration.

For an explanation of the abbreviations and the Trend Trade & Investment Principle see the bottom of this blog. Please also read the disclaimer there.