Tuesday, April 22, 2014

AEX Daily Update (based on previous business day)

AEX @ 396,76. Day Trading. (AEX Daily Chart). Daily RSI neutral and Daily MACD negative. RSI-Trade mode neutral and MACD-Trade mode 50% short. Japanese Candlesticks: Hammer (bullish reversal) of 16-04-2014.
AEX @ 396,76. Short Term Trading. (AEX Daily Chart). Daily SMA-55 positive and Channel neutral. CTP mode. Last TTIP mode since 15-04-2014 as of 392,66 ended 17-04-2014 as of 396,76 with a loss of 1,04%.
AEX @ 396,76. Intermediate Term Trading & Investing. (AEX Weekly Chart). Weekly SMA-55 positive and Channel upslopeTTIP mode since 20-03-2014 as of 390,82. Last TTIP mode since 23-10-2013 as of 388,56 ended 11-12-2013 as of 383,15 with a loss of 1,39%.
AEX @ 396,76. Long Term Equity Investing. (AEX Monthly Chart). Monthly SMA-55 positive and Channel upslopeTTIP mode since 01-10-2012 as of 322,19.

For an explanation of the abbreviations, the Trend Trade & Investment Principle and the Consolidation Trade Principle see the bottom of this blog. Please also read the disclaimer there.

Saturday, April 19, 2014